The story of Jim & Jess or, in other words, how we make the design magic happen.

Jess + Jim

Jim Zimmer is equal parts design-obsessed creative director, integrated thinker, discerning designer, lead-by-example manager and all around tall person. It’s true, he’s 6’5 and a half. His experience is vast, with clients ranging from the healthcare industry to beer to Japanese restaurants to law. You could say diversity is his specialty. He cares about what he creates all day and will work harder than anyone else to make clients happy. Moms love him.

Jessica Zimmer believes in quality over quantity, tea over coffee, and that style is an equal opportunist. She’s had a deep and enduring love affair with typography for as long as she can remember and favors seaside climes to mountainous ones. Her professional background has spanned from branding development to advertising to publication design. In a word (or six) she’s a Jill of All Trades. She’d love nothing more than to tinker with your logo.

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